By Jeremy Page

What was happening 10 years ago?

Gordon Brown became UK Prime Minister.

A series of strikes by maintenance workers caused chaos on the London Underground.

The BBC ran into trouble over a video clip which appeared to show the Queen storming out of a photoshoot. The Corporation later apologised, admitting the film was out of sequence

Oh..... and the iPhone was launched.

I know which one changed my life the most. So it was interesting - and amusing - to see Twitter's reaction to this particular milestone.Some commented on how much it has changed us as a society.

While others pointed out a few flaws which Apple may want to look at.

Others blew our mind by pointing out how far we've really come.

And someone pointed out the irony of what everyone was doing.

There's no denying Steve Jobs' vision of integrating the mobile phone with full colour touchscreens, internet browsing and MP3 provided the blueprint for the smartphones we use today.

A decade later, mobile is our gateway to the internet, our camera and our music player. It’s where we shop, bank and communicate. Companies are waking up to the fact that mobile should have it's own marketing budget - unless they want to miss a huge piece of the consumer pie.

The first iPhone, unveiled at Macworld Expo in January 2007, had an element of convenience and usability no other mobile handset had before. Its features and functions were groundbreaking, as well as the way it was packaged.

The iPhone started the smartphone revolution. Google's Android followed swiftly in its wake. And together they changed our way of life and the connected world we live in.

From the perspective of our industry, marketers have been given a huge global consumer audience. And as the technology has developed, so have the opportunities to engage with consumers in innovative ways. Mobile has also enabled data capture so brands can adapt messaging by location, demographic and behaviour.

Mobile has  for digital media spend in the UK.

So when you think about it, we really have come a long way from those dark days before this device was born.


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