By Luke Bull

It makes perfect sense when you work at the cutting edge of technology to establish your expertise with thought leadership articles to boost your tech marketing. After all, leaders lead.

Our client Marks & Clerk – a well-established firm of intellectual property (IP) lawyers – is a perfect example of how not all public relations and marketing is solely about getting your name in mainstream newspapers.

For this firm, strong and effective B2B communication is paramount.

Not everybody needs our tech communications expertise, just as not everybody needs advice in the complex fields of patent and copyright law. So it’s important to be strategic in where you choose to put your message out.

Trade media covering industrial innovations is ideal, as is featuring in business blogs and leading thought leadership segments.

Not traditional tech marketing

Promoting intellectual property advice aimed at innovators has to be approached differently to your traditional tech marketing.

You’re reaching out to companies or individuals at sensitive, early stages in the development process to show them the value in IP and its importance in protecting their ground-breaking discovery. Without that protection developers might have no exclusive product to sell. Someone else might copy their idea and attempt to sell it themselves.

Employing a PR and marketing agency specialising in tech communications helps secure coverage in the media that’s best suited to the firm.

Today, tech innovation can be found in a huge range of sectors. You only have to look at the scope of Marks & Clerk’s business to appreciate that.

For example, it is heavily involved in the oil and gas industry, which is one of the largest sectors of the economy in Scotland.

Competition and evolution

There’s a lot of competition around identifying and securing the best locations for petrochemical drilling, so evolutions in tech can help with discoveries and with extraction or improve efficiency.

Recently, there’s been a boom in the 3D printing of devices used in this sector. But a side effect of this leap forward in technology is that anyone with the schematics can print the parts – the IP is much more readily reproducible so it’s essential that it has proper protection. Marks & Clerk is there to help creators do that effectively.

The food & beverage sector is also going through innovative changes. The whisky industry, for example, is worth billions to the UK economy but distillers are becoming more and more aware of their environmental impact.

Finding new ways to better utilise waste materials and to make production methods as energy-efficient as possible are priorities for distillers, but the advances in tech they make have value in themselves as they are applicable elsewhere, even in other industries. Those innovations have to be carefully protected.

Digital tech

Digital tech is also very complex, evolving rapidly and creating competition between companies which want to be to the fore in this arena, making it more important than ever to protect IP.

Then there’s AI, biotech… and that’s just a handful of a broad scope of sectors the firm works with. And the pace of innovation these days means the next sector Marks & Clerk enters may not even exist yet.

Marks & Clerk is always keen for innovators to think about IP from the outset and to make protecting it part of their start-up strategy. Only trusted advice can secure the protection that is needed, as intellectual property law can be complex – sometimes even more so when trying to move products into international markets.

The firm also stresses how IP can increase the value of a company. If companies have strong IP portfolios, they are in a much more advantageous position – their potential value increases in the event of an acquisition.

Establish expertise

Thought leadership, topical commentary, presence in business articles and a steady drip-feed of news insights are important methods that Marks & Clerk uses to reach out to its target sectors. This strategy enables its leading attorneys to firmly establish their expertise in commentary articles featured in national and regional press, in trade titles and online.

This variety of articles allows key figures to examine particular trends or topics, whether that be an innovation or a copyright row, and dissect the issues. It gives them a chance to demonstrate their credentials while underlining the value of their firm’s services.

As well as raising key sector players’ profiles in important sectors of industry, articles and blogs such as these make journalists aware that there are experts they can tap into for comment and advice on future articles. It helps make our client a “go-to” commentator on IP issues.

And if thought leadership can make you the go-to guy, you’re on to a winner.

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