By Luke Bull

If your tech business is not doing any blog marketing, it really is missing a trick. Blogs are a great way to get through tech marketing messages that let people know what you do and what you know.

Engaging in content marketing using a blog allows a technology company to approach new and existing clients from a different angle, and provides your sales team with more relatable ways to pique the interest of prospective customers.

Let’s face it: you know your business inside out, what people in the technology industry are thinking and what’s coming next. You have valuable insights that establish you as a leader in your field, or at least someone who understands how the sector is evolving.

The kind of thing you talk through with colleagues and clients is what will make compelling content for people interested in your industry. Great blog marketing also allows you to demonstrate your knowledge to outsiders and share what you have learned with your workforce.

You can use your blog to show how your services add value for your customers, carefully crafting subtle examples of what you do that sets you apart. And, with full editorial control, you can ensure your key tech marketing messages get through, fine-tuning your technology marketing.

Relatable blog content

Furthermore, if you can make your blog content relatable to events in everyday life, you widen its reach beyond the obvious professionals and into new markets. That can have technology PR benefits of its own when journalists go looking for an expert in a field for a story.

By creating engaging blogs, you’re also adding value to your website’s user experience. There’s something there that isn’t designed merely to sell your services to them, but something they can learn from.

But if there is a service featured within your blog that you’d like to sell them, a call-to-action button makes it easy for your reader to become a client.

Regular blogging can also help improve your visibility on Google and other search engines. Remember that Google crawls your website when new content is posted. A regularly updated blog brings the crawlers back routinely, allowing you to tailor your search engine optimisation to improve your ranking in search results.

Google particularly likes fresh, unique content and a blog is a useful way to keep Google happy. Even the length of a standard blog post – 500-plus words – appeals to the search engine as it demonstrates that a subject is covered authoritatively.

And if the right sites are linking to your blog, it gets a boost on Google, too.

Bring in prospective customers

Another of the business benefits is that a blog allows visitors to slip into your website sideways. An interesting blog title pitching up on a Google search results page gets prospective customers on to your site who may never have typed in your URL.

This is where allying your tech blog to a social media strategy also pays off. If you create interesting and engaging content that’s shareable, you widen your reach.

The people who come to your blog and pass it on using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn become evangelists for your brand, endorsing it with each share and like.

Getting that link in front of more people is a tech marketing strategy that drives more traffic to your website, and hopefully results in more conversions as your business tastes the benefits of blogging.

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