When it comes to consumers and lifestyle, we know our stuff.

We know the buttons to press to make technology products sexy. We don’t just focus on the technology itself, we concentrate on how it makes lives better, richer and more rewarding.

What we’re about is lifestyle and what we do is create a demand for products and gadgets that transform the way we live.

Whether it’s a waterproof phone, a game that gets little kids and big kids excited or a revolutionary VR headset, we get people discovering, talking and buying.   


Some see B2B tech marketing as the poor cousin of B2C.

Not us. Channel marketing can be even more exciting because we can talk technology with people who understand technology.

Consumers are interested in what a product does. The trade also wants to know how it does it.

It’s a matter of getting the balance right – amplifying the tech advances and getting people fired up about the commercial potential of a product.

We’re consummate story-tellers and we weave magic into every B2B tech campaign.


Investors, shareholders, analysists, journalists and sometimes politicians are important audiences for most tech brands.

Supplying them with the right information is vitally important. It’s where our corporate communications team comes in.  We keep corporate audiences happy.

For 30 years we’ve been keeping corporate audiences onside for listed companies as well as those with a private investor base.

Our secret is knowing what to say and when to say it – especially in difficult situations like acquisitions, fundraisings and mergers.


Honeywell was our first client.  We won their business 30 years ago. They were closely followed by Texas Instruments and famous names like Motorola.

These electronics giants were the foundation stones on which Only Tech Marketing was built. 

While our founder Gordon Beattie is the only one who remembers the early days, electronics brands still hold great sway with the team at Only Tech.

We love the sector, we understand the sector and there’s nothing we relish more than helping electronics brands go from success to success.


From apps that make life easier to software that powers your devices, we understand the evolving landscape.

We work with brands to create and improve visibility, heighten talkability, drive sales and boost downloads.

Delivering commercial success is what we’re all about and we’ll use every channel and every platform to achieve it.

Take a glimpse at our services toolbox to see the firepower we bring to the party. They’re not weapons of mass destruction, they’re weapons of mass marketing.


Companies like aero engine manufacturers Rolls-Royce choose to work with us because we are a safe pair of hands.

We employ more journalists than most newspapers, radio or TV stations. That gives us an in-depth understanding of the media in all its forms – online and offline.

Knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it is crucial. Turning facts into credible storylines is a piece of cake for our team.  

It’s not all about hitting the headlines, sometimes it’s more important to keep stories out of the media. We do both and that’s why aerospace and defence brands place their trust in us.


We help IT and infrastructure brands find new customers.

Using the full power of our marketing arsenal we can get you in front of technically literate as well as less educated buyers who require your products and services.

We can supply all your marketing needs from PPC campaigns to stunning board-level presentations.

IT and infrastructure companies compete in a dog-eat-dog sector where intelligent marketing and effective communications can make the difference between closing a deal or closing the door.


We can drive more footfall to your websites, social sites and landing pages.

And, what’s just as important, we can convert more visitors into buyers.

Using data, technology and our marketing toolbox of 40 key services we can increase brand visibility and attract more visitors to your sites.

When we get them there, we can convert visitors into buyers by making your site more attractive, simplifying the buying process or reducing the number of abandoned digital shopping carts.

What’s more, we can create a single brand experience across online and offline channels.


When it comes to energy we cover it all – solar, wind, nuclear, coal and battery power.

Our clients can be mammoth generators or ambitious start-ups.

Client delight is what we’re about – building brands and driving sales.

Making a difference is what counts. Increasing brand recognition, building trust, enhancing reputations and attracting customers.   

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, local, national or international – you matter to us.


Fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors right now and our contacts across the business, finance and technology space can put your brand at the heart of the news agenda.

Our clients operate in every sector: finance, banking, payment, employment and more. Some are large, some are small. All are dynamic.

Our content creation team can produce all the collateral you need to make an impact, while our digital marketing team can boost your performance in every channel. It’s a competitive space, so standing out from the crowd is essential. We’ll make that happen.


Cyber security is an essential component for every company and there is no shortage of firms lining up to provide this essential service. 

Only can put you head and shoulders above the rest. From positioning you at industry events to rolling out digital marketing strategy on big data, physical security - as well as cloud and cyber security – our team of experts have the experience and know-how to get you across the line.

And for those who have suffered a breach in their cyber security, our crisis communications team can help contain the damage to your brand and reputation, and then advise on measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Everything is going digital and the retail sector is no exception. From data-collecting displays through to mapping a customer’s in-store behavior. And it’s a competitive market.

That’s where Only can help. We know the space and have the contacts and insight to give you the edge, whether you are entering the market or want to grow your market share.

We work with the biggest names in retail including Tesco, M&S and Avon. We know the challenges faced in getting into the B2B verticals, we understand the importance of creating engaging and relevant content and we know the digital space inside out.

Together, we will help your business thrive.



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